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Bauhaus Tanzt is an experimental reflection on the Triadic ballet created in 1922. In our approach, we relate to the method that Oscar Schlemmer suggested himself: a practical study of artist’s theory towards the historical context on stage. Most of Schlemmer’s performative works are based on very simple and classical steps and techniques. What challenges aesthetics is the context in which the dance is being presented. We neglect the traditional approach to Schlemmer’s work that presents a dancer as a tool for bringing a costume alive and we believe that the body is a central medium in artist’s work.


Concept: PUC

Music: John Cage, Amir Ahmadi

Choreography and dance: Paula Dominici (original cast), Eszter Petrany,  Anna Possarnig, Maria Shurkhal

Costume: OVA.L

Photos from the performance at Gallus Theater, Frankfurt am Main (2019)

Credits: Maciej Rusinek

Realized performances

Musikgymnasium Linz, Ateliertheter Wien, Zelyonka dance fest Kyiv,

GogolAir Vinnytsa, Gallus Theater Frankfurt am Main, StartUp Gogolfest, Agre Granit Ottensheim. 

Organizations that supported the project

Die Internationale Gesellschaft für neue Musik IGNM / ISCM / SIMC 

Förderung bezirksorientierter Kulturangelegenheiten (Neubau)


Partners and sponsors

Hakuma, Beat 1060

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