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digital interdisciplinary zine

edition n.1: femme fragile 

edition n.2: aeon

About the Project

POV is an interdisciplinary digital zine that offers artists from a wide range of disciplinesthe opportunity for presentation, exchange, discussion and inspiration.

With two publications annually, in spring and fall, each thematically dedicated to a different focus, POV presents different creative positions and content perspectives in the form of a wide variety of digital formats and diverse media (article, column, interview, graphic, animation, photo, video, sound, etc.). In addition to the submitted works, each issue of POV also includes editorial contributions, as well as exclusive interviews on the respective thematic focus of the issue. 

The project is realised with the support of Bundesministeriums für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport in a frame of Publikum funding programme. 

Femme Fragile

»The term femme fragile is the conceptual counterpart of the self-conscious femme fatale.« says Wikipedia.

We look at the concept of a femme fragile beyond the "strong-weak" and the submissive male gaze.

Is it possible that in fragility lies strength, power, and confidence?

Is it possible to simultaneously be weak and strong?

Is it possible that this same fragility will be fatal to the patriarchal order?

The firt edition of POV reflects within the topic of femme fragile though the present concerns, solutions, challenges, limitations, possibilities, visions, aesthetics, obsessions,

and offers feminist, personal, planned, spontaneous, practical, or theoretical points of view.

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In thesecond issue titled AEON we are looking at time and all the incredible ways we can capture it. Like a Greek Deity Aion we want to run around naked with the orb that encompasses the universe and get to know what you think about eternity, circulations, generations, centries and seconds. The topic of the publication - AEON - the notion that points at time in large, life overcomig units. We invite you to join our past, present, and future measured in one billion years. 

With this isssue we sense that artist on our planet think about eternity, circulation, generation, ages, and seconds. 

POV special:


In the series of "nOphelia" we present female dancers, performers, creators and choreographers who have experienced the beauties and struggles of pregnancy, motherhood and parenting. We are curious about their personal and artistic transformations, about their journeys as women, as mothers, as artists. Through their stories we also collect some advice for future mothers, who might deal with similar challenges in regards to their productivites, their bodies, priorities, our society and the passing of time.

We walk around the theme of 'femme fragile'. Opposed to Shakespeare's Ophelia – which character became the embodiment of mental fragility and female self-sacrifice – with "nOphelia" we aim to highlight the complexity, strength and sensitivity of these women. 

Launch Events

29. May 2022 at “DISTRICT4art” in Vienna


26. November 2022 at “die labile Botschaft” in Vienna

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