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A game of hide and seek with Mr. Lyatoshynsky

A game of hide and seek with Mr. Lyatoshynsky is a residency project that took place in Vienna at the Bears in the Park studio. A group of interdisciplinary artists from Ukraine came into a collaboration with PUC Collective to work on an idea for the interactive site-specific performance.


POV is an interdisciplinary digital zine that offers artists from a wide range of disciplinesthe opportunity for presentation, exchange, discussion and inspiration.

With two publications annually, in spring and fall, each thematically dedicated to a different focus, POV presents different creative positions and content perspectives in the form of a wide variety of digital formats and diverse media.


Senses is a new work that resulted from the collaboration between Pop Up Collective and ensemble Brainchild. The piece consists of five smaller works produced by smaller teams drawn from the larger pool of artists. Each work was initially oriented toward one of the basic senses, but teams were otherwise left free to explore the topic without influence from one another. As the project progressed, it became clear that the senses are not easily divorced from one another. The interplay between the senses became an important theme, with each of the five works offering a different perspective.



dreamscraper - is a performative collage that explores the layers of inscription of a female gaze in a poetic, dreamlike set up. The work embodies the poems of a feminist Iranian writer Forough Farrokhzad and re-enacts/echoes images, actions and archetypes that pass through the journey of a female protagonist. She is a meeting point of the plurality of external forces but at the same time, a desire of ultimate freedom and independence. Her voice appears to be singular on the exterior and plural on the interior. Once it has been uttered, she enters a loop of transformation that re-defines her standpoint.

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